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Rocky sponsors Best Ranger Competition – Fort Benning, GA – 10-12 April 2015

Rocky Military continued its support of the Best Ranger Competition, serving as a Hero Sponsor to the 2015 event, held 10-12 April, 2015, at Fort Benning, GA. Fort Benning is the home of the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment.

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The Competition began at 0600 hrs on Friday, and lasted straight through Sunday afternoon – a grueling non-stop test of all the team’s capabilities and endurance. As a first-time spectator at this event, it was amazing to see the brotherhood and support these teams give one another, as well as the family members and representatives of many of the Ranger’s home bases who make the trek to Fort Benning, Georgia, to show their support during the BRC.

Kudos to Candyss Bryant, long-time organizer of the Best Ranger Competition, for organizing another successful year of BRC!

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