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Ohio loves a nut named from a deer



Rocky Boots are born in the Buckeye State.

If you’ve never lived in Ohio and your college team isn’t part of the Big 10, the first time you hear the word “buckeye,” your response likely is, “Um, what?”

It’s a nut, a team, and a delicious candy. If you live in Ohio, where Rocky Boots has its headquarters, the buckeye is a part of your world.

The buckeye started life as just a nut that grows on a tree. Unevenly round and dark brown, it sports a light brown circle. This appearance was thought to resemble the eye of a buck, and so it was named. Hunters, you may dispute the resemblance, but who are we to argue with our early inhabitants?


Ohio actually adopted this native nut as its state nut. What? Your state doesn’t have an official nut? Look into getting one. It’s kind of fun.

Later came a dessert that involves covering a creamy peanut butter ball in chocolate and – this is essential – leaving a circle of peanut butter visible so it resembles the buckeye. The buckeye candy is oh-my-word tasty.

This state so embraced the buckeye that it became The Ohio State University mascot. And that makes the buckeye a very big deal to Ohioans. The fan dedication is fierce. And with the size of the university, OSU alumni are everywhere. Don’t look, but there’s probably a Buckeye sitting near you right now. You can locate one by yelling “O-H.” Any OSU fan automatically will respond with “I-O.” It’s an internal reaction that cannot be controlled.

And so Ohio – the Buckeye State – is where Rocky Boots began in 1932, and it’s where the footwear and apparel are designed and developed to this day.

Rochelle from Team Rocky

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