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Finding Peace & A Big Kansas Buck

As I packed my bag, gear and every little essential thing I needed for my trip to the sunflower state “Kansas”. I was filled with excitement, this is the big trip of the year. Granted I take a few trips to Arkansas for ducks and Alabama for turkeys and a few places along the way. But this trip is the big one. 10-14 days in the heart of big buck country during the peak of the rut. The drive out there with my dad and another one of our buddies from home is always a great time in itself. Planning what’s going to go down, more like dreaming of a 160-170 in deer the whole way there. The first few days of our hunt was a bit slow, weather played a big role in this due to higher than normal temperatures for November.
Besides that I was thrilled to be 1000 miles from home in the wild with nothing but my bow and soaking it all in.

Every morning I would get settled in my tree a good hour before day light as to not spook any deer, and let the woods settle again. Then as I do every morning, I look up. When you look up on a clear night/morning in the Midwest it’s nothing but millions upon millions of stars. Something that just isn’t found in a city, or anywhere within 100 miles of one. Besides the occasional how of a pack of coyotes it’s deafening quiet, to the point it roars in your ears. This is where peace resides and the outside world fades away, it’s my time. This isn’t peace like sitting on the front porch swing, it’s not the kind of peace you find in a good TV show while you relax. No this is intense peace of mind that you wish you could bottle up and take with you to show the rest of the world. The kind that draws you back to it year after year.

As the days passed I saw some nice bucks, plenty of doe just nothing close enough or mature enough to take. Hunting during the rut is an all-day sit. Maybe an hour break to grab a bite to eat and back at it. Finally on the last day of my trip, I had a nice 8 come in downwind of me. He was on the trail of a hot doe that passed by an hr. or so before. I hit the grunt call one time and here he come. He passed behind an Osage orange tree which gave me a chance to draw. When he got out from behind the tree he was right under me! Three yards, I let it fly. I put a clean double lung shot on him, it played out how everyone always imagines it would. My trip was over I found Peace and big Bucks once again, until next year.

Written by Austin Mason 

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