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Finding Your North Country


At Rocky we live for the opportunity to enjoy this country and meet great people who share a passion for the outdoors. Recently we had the opportunity to meet with two local entrepreneurs who shared a passion for another topic near and dear to us – meats!

 Although we’re successful hunters and we thought we knew a lot about meat, when someone starts talking about making venison prosciutto it gets our attention. We thought it might get yours too, so we asked them to share their story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Come back for part two this fall!

What’s your North Country?

Have you ever been far into the backcountry and craved meat?

We’re carnivores and when we burn a lot of energy we crave protein. Depending on your trip, storing and cooking raw meat might be impractical, but charcuterie and cured meats are always a great, and sometimes even more delicious, substitute. At North Country Charcuterie (Columbus, OH), we’re inspired to create high quality, small batch cured meats to be enjoyed at home, on the trail, on the river, in the mountains, or anytime you crave meat.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be contributing content to the Rocky Boots Blog. We’ll tell you the story about who we are, how we were founded, how we make our cured meats and, later in the fall, we’ll also give you some tips on how to make your own cured meats at home like cured venison salami and venison prosciutto. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!


James Forbes former award winning hunt club chef, and current Master Salami Swami of North Country Charcuterie, comes from a background in wine, food pairing, and culinary arts.

James believes that regardless of where we live, when we go to the outdoors we’re all looking for something. He calls it the North Country. Today James finds his North Country by making high quality cured meats. In college, he lived in a yurt in the middle of the Adirondacks for 6-months finding his North Country.

Jane Forbes, Salami Mama of North Country Charcuterie, passed on her love of great food to her sons. When Jane was a teenager, she spent several summers wrangling cows on a ranch in Montana and enjoying the lakes of Maine enjoying her North Country.

Duncan Forbes, Salami Monger of North Country Charcuterie, is the designated taste tester and salami seller. Duncan used to guide canoe expeditions in Northern Ontario and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. That’s his North Country.


North Country Charcuterie was founded in April 2014 in Columbus, OH. We spent the first year in recipe development and gaining approval to begin to produce and sell our cured salamis. We went to market in August 2015, selling at various farmer’s markets around Central Ohio and discovered that people love cured meats!
We source about 95% of our ingredients local to ensure fresh, high-quality products. For our three signature cured salamis, we exclusively use Berkshire pork. For our whole muscle cured meats, we use heritage breed hogs like Kunekune, American Guinea Hog, Mangalitsa, Duroc and Red Wattle, all from family-owned farms. Since our founding, we have processed over 2,000 pounds of raw pork and we’re on track to begin production of 140-210 pounds of cured meat every week.

Ham Hocks and Cuts
We’re a little biased, but we think cured meats make a mighty tasty addition to any backcountry trip, hunting, fishing, backpacking, canoeing etc. All of our founders and employees have a passion for the outdoors and encourage everyone to find their North Country.
Now that you know about how we started and what we do, we’ll tell you about how we make our cured meats. But you’ll have to wait until our Fall Rocky Boots Blog post! See you next time!



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