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Elements of Service Duty Boots


First impression out of the box: This is a very light weight boot!


looking at the boot reminded me of seeing a running shoe with an aggressive sole. The factory laces were nice quality as well as the styling for the eyelets for the laces. The tongue is very minimal and flat which added to the overall comfort.


The fit of this boot was spot on. I am typically a 10 w and that was the size tested. At times, I can try other brands and I find that size varies greatly from the size 10 w I normally wear. That was not the case with these.


While wearing the boots, I discovered that the boots had the comfortability of tennis shoes with the traction and stability of a hiking boot. Whether running, walking or standing still, my feet were always comfortable.

Traction and thread-

Traction was also very good. When looking at the bottom of the boot, you will notice the tread pattern is different between the out and in soles. This had a great impact on the effectiveness. Whether on a wet hillside or dry pavement, traction was never an issue.

Water resistant-

These boot are not water proof but are water resistant. On a few occasions in the rain my feet stayed dry for the entire day. On others, I pushed past the bounds of their ability to remain dry. At one point the boots were submerged in water. Although the entire boot was wet on the inside, it dried out quickly which was nice.

Overall thoughts-

There are boots for almost any condition. These particular boots would better serve the officer that works city or mainly dry environments. I am partial to high ankle boots as I find I do most of my work in brushy, damp environments. These also serve as a great pair of boots to supplement the ones I normally wear when comfort is more so desired. I can’t get over how light the boots were. I was very impressed by the overall build and design.


Testing of this boot was done during the month of August in Southeast Ohio. August is a very hot month with the heat index reaching above 100 degrees on several days. Humidity is also very high. I wore these boots over a normal 160 hour work month. I am a Deputy/ K9 handler with a Sheriff’s office.

Via Officer Joe. 

K9 Officer 

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